The Choir Trip to England
A Choir Trip to England: Vocabulary
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By Bonnie and Larry Arnold

A London Cab

Vocabulary list - our personal favorites from signs we saw and things we heard:

Traffic Calming Area
Diversion Ahead
detour ahead
Clothes pegs
clothes pins
Being dazzled
as in driving and looking into the sun
Avon Fire Brigade
Dual Carriageway
closest thing to our interstate highways
A close
a cul-de-sac street
Free house
a pub not tied to any one beer distributor
To let
for rent
Kill Your Speed
a traffic sign
Mind the Gap
over the p.a. system on the underground Tube every time it stopped and the door opened
Ready meal
frozen dinners
Give Way
Solicitors, Barristers
carry-out fast food
below-ground walking tunnels for people, like under busy streets
Way Out
Safari supper
a progressive dinner
Cyclists Dismount
Auto exchange
used car dealer
Free Recovery - Await Rescue
on a highway road sign
Parttime Signal
Game dealer
a subdivision of houses
a wide place to pull off the road, not too plentiful
Elderly Crossing
Staff vacancy
help wanted
And heard from our host families:
Nip along.
Off you go, then.
There you are, then.

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© 1996 Larry and Bonnie Arnold, updated September 26, 1998