Gun Stuff, by Larry Arnold

Gun Stuff

Training with the Springfield .03 before WWII

I come by my firearms enthusiasm honestly. My father, LTC Lawrence E. Arnold, served the United States in WWII and Korea. He was in the Quartermaster Corps, and got close enough to the front to earn several medals for valor, and take a bayonet in the shoulder.

When I was eleven he made sure I profoundly understood the Firearm Safety Rules, then gave me a Marlin No. 1 .22LR bolt-action rifle. The hours I spent learning the discipline of shooting from him are what convinced me, much later, to become a firearms instructor.

Heres a Family Story.

Safety First

NRA Firearm Safety Rules

The shooting sports, hunting and target shooting, are among the safest sports to participate in. That's because we individual shooters follow the safety rules we have established for our sport.

800 Years of History

Firearms Timeline

Gunpowder, a simple compound of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, was invented about 1200. Firearms weren't far behind.