The Mark of Abel

The Story


Fourteen years after meeting at Camp Runnymede, one of many summer camps along the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country, three friends live and work in nearby Denim.

GabrielleGabrielle is always early. SandalinSandalin is always on time. MerryMerry is always late.

In a way, that’s all you need to know about them. But if they’re that deep in their ruts, are they due for a change?

Gabrielle, Sandalin, and Merry are Texas women, as independent as they are modern. Their friendship runs as deep as the Guadalupe River. When unspeakable violence rocks Denim County, that alliance will be their lifeline.

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Purchasing The Mark of Abel

You can find either paperback or ebook copies from the Zumaya page.

Amazon Amazon carries the paperback and Kindle versions, but the royalties are lower.


Zumaya Publishing

Zumaya Publishing published The Mark of Abel. I am grateful for their professional effort,
particularly the care they took in editing and layout to make my novel look great.

The wonderful cover was designed by the talentedMartine Jardan's ArtMartine Jardin.

The Mark of Abel is dedicated to William F. "Bill" Mildner, an instructor whose hallmark was integrity.

Larry ArnoldLarry Arnold spent twelve years helping Texas survivors of rape and family violence. He was one of five rape crisis advocates chosen for the state committee that wrote the first Texas rape medical examination protocol. He worked for a child care facility sheltering sixty abused children, and served as president of his county Child Services Board.

Larry is a Texas hunter education master instructor, NRA instructor, and Texas concealed handgun instructor. His lifetime hobby is amateur music, and over the last forty years he has sung in church choirs and community choruses in nine states and three international tours, and played roles in more than a dozen musicals.

His writing experience includes three award-winning decades in fiction, journalism, and public relations. He is a member of the Kerrville Writers Association, a most excellent critique group; and Press Women of Texas, the state affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women.