The Mark of Abel


Lighthouse Literary Reviews March, 2006, by Nora. Five Beacons - a "must read."

Five Beacons - Must ReadFrom the review: The Mark of Abel is an exquisitely crafted story, filled with credible, meaningful detail on subjects of substance. Yet, under Arnold's delicate touch, rape and controversy over gun ownership never feel oppressive or argumentative.

I give The Mark of Abel a full five beacons. I made a handful of good friends with this read who stayed with me long after I finished the book. Larry Arnold was one of them. I'll look for his books in the future.

Unfortunately, the Lighthouse review is no longer online.

Reader ViewsApril 2006, by Paige Lovitt

From the review: These women do become empowered; so does the little girl. This is an excellent story. I highly recommend The Mark of Abel to readers who enjoy complex novels. It is not a light read. It is an incredible story about personal growth and empowerment that can come from recovering from tragedy.

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