License to Carry Student Information

Course Goal

To train applicants in the skills, knowledge, and sensitivity necessary to legally, responsibly, and successfully carry and use a concealed handgun.

Applying for a New CHL

The application fee is $40.00 for a five-year license.

It isn't necessary to fill out the application before class, but you may. Go to the DPS website to do so. You'll need your driver's license, a credit card, and work/residence information for the last five years.

Class Instructions

Please download a LTC Information page for class details.

You will have three opportunities to complete both the firearm proficiency requirement and the written examination. If you fail the third attempt you are required to retake the CHL training course; therefore I may recommend that you delay until another day and use the intervening time to practice or seek individual instruction. I will offer such instruction for a fee, either before or after you take the course. Call me for more information.

Required Equipment for Shooting

One handgun of any caliber, in good repair with no modifications that would make it less safe. It doesn't make any difference whether you qualify with a semiauto or revolver. I strongly encourage you to practice with the gun you intend to shoot before the day of the test. The proficiency course requires 50 rounds of factory ammunition. If you do not qualify on the first attempt you will need 50 additional rounds.

Wear comfortable clothing. However, you may be shooting with several other people and a lot of brass will be flying, so for safety reasons:

  • Shoes must cover the foot; no sandals.
  • Wear long pants, slacks, or jeans.
  • Wear a shirt or blouse with a fairly high collar.
  • Wear a cap or hat that will cover the head and protect the face.
  • Note that the range is considerably higher in elevation than Kerrville, and the temperature tends to be cooler.

For eye protection bring eyeglasses or industrial or sport protective eyewear. Inexpensive sunglasses or glasses with small lenses may not be acceptable. For ear protection bring an earmuff type of sport or industrial ear protectors. We have a few loaners.

A holster is not required, but will come in handy. If you shoot a semiauto a second magazine will be useful, but is not required.

I will inspect all range equipment. If you have questions it will be a lot easier if you get them answered before shooting time.


I usually have room for more students in a class. Let me know if you have someone who wants to join us.

I encourage participation by the physically challenged. Please request assistance if it will help you with the training.