TCOLE Retired Officer Requalification

Course Goal

To recertify retired officers for a Retired Federal or Out-of-State Officer Firearms Card.

Law Enforcement Practical

The practical will consist of the standard Texas CHL practical with one modfication. You will shoot at a standard B-27 target, firing 20 rounds at three yards, 20 rounds at seven yards, and ten rounds at fifteen yards.

The last exercise at three yards will be modified to complete TCLEOSE requirements to fire five rounds of duty ammo and to make a timed reload.

If you use a semiauto you will load your five rounds of duty ammo in two magazines, three cartridges in one and two in the other. You must fire the five rounds, including the magazine change, in fifteen seconds.

If you use a revolver you must fire three rounds, load two more, and complete firing in the fifteen seconds.

Class Instructions

I will meet you at the range in the morning or afternoon as we arrange. There's a map on the Buck & Bull Club page.

The practical will take about an hour.

  • The class fee is $40 for one shooter, plus $30 per each additional shooter.
  • Feel free to bring your own beverages. (Non-alcoholic, of course.)
  • You may carry your firearm to the range. However, you will start the practical with it unloaded, and with at least one unloaded magazine.

Required Equipment for Shooting

  • Your handgun, in good repair with no modifications that would make it less safe. You may bring a spare gun.
  • 45 rounds of target ammunition of the correct caliber for your firearm.
  • 5 rounds of duty ammunition of the correct caliber for your firearm.
  • At least two magazines for a semiauto. You may use a speedloader or speed strip with a revolver.
  • You will need hearing protection. You may use ear plugs, but I recommend ear muffs as they provide better protection.
  • Eye protection is also mandatory. If you wear glasses that will be adequate. If not, bring a pair of shooting glasses or other protective glasses.
  • Your Retired Federal or Out-of-State Officer Firearms Certificate. (Download)
  • A holster is not required, but will come in handy.

Wear comfortable clothing. However, you may be shooting with several other people and a lot of brass will be flying, so for safety reasons:

  • Shoes must cover the foot; no sandals.
  • Wear long pants, slacks, or jeans.
  • Wear a shirt or blouse with a fairly high collar.
  • Wear a cap or hat that will cover the head and protect the face.

Note that the range is considerably higher in elevation than Kerrville, and the temperature tends to be cooler.

I will inspect all range equipment.


I encourage participation by the physically challenged. Please request assistance if it will help you with the training.